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Zimpler is a Swedish payment service that acts as a kind of mobile channel between customers and merchants. Zimpler has become especially popular in online casinos, because it makes depositing and withdrawing on the site fast and uncomplicated. If you are interested in Zimpler Casinos, you will find plenty of information on the subject on this page. On this page, we guide you to the secrets of using Zimpler, specifically from the perspective of a casino player. In addition, we list the best Zimpler  Casino bonuses  and tell you a lot of other essential information about this modern payment method!

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  • Päivitetty: 19 kesäkuun, 2024

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    Zimpler Casinot – mistä on kyse?

    Zimpler Casinot – mistä on kyse?

    Zimpler Casino may not be familiar to many as a concept yet, although they have recently appeared in large numbers in online casino offerings. However, in all its simplicity, it is an online casino that qualifies mobile payments made through Zimpler as a payment method. In other words, a player arriving at such a site can deposit money into his game account and withdraw it from there using Zimpler.

    It’s good to note that even if a casino site calls itself a Zimpler casino, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the casino in question accepts only Zimpler for payment. It is often the case that Zimpler is included among the offered payment methods, along with several other options.

    In addition to Zimpler, typical payment methods accepted by Finnish players on game sites include credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), payment through an online bank (Trustly) or an electronic wallet such as Skrill or Neteller. Some casinos now even accept cryptocurrencies, which is the newest thing in the casino world.

    Zimpler has many advantages that other payment methods do not offer. It’s no wonder that it has quickly become one of the most popular money transfer methods among Nordic players!

    Zimpler casino


    What is Zimpler?

    Zimpler is a Swedish mobile payment service that started in 2016. In a fairly short time, it has become one of Northern Europe’s most popular online payment methods, and especially in online casinos. Some online casinos have even gone so far as to make Zimpler the only money transfer method available on the site, and there is a demand for such sites as well.

    Today, Zimpler already operates from Malta, Gothenburg and Stockholm, as its demand has grown year by year.

    Zimpler’s great popularity on online gaming sites is no surprise, as the service was developed from the very beginning to meet the needs of online casino players. Zimpler offers a viable payment option for all those who want to deposit and withdraw funds at the casino quickly, safely and easily via a mobile device.

    A brief history of Zimpler

    Zimpler started in Stockholm in 2012, when it was founded by two entrepreneurs. Initially, the service was marketed as a mobile payment solution called PugglePay, but within a few years its focus changed to an instant payment service, after which the service was rebranded and named Zimpler. The service has been continuously developed to be better and better with the needs of the online casino market in mind.

    When Zimpler appeared, there were not many similar services on the market, so it quickly gained user acceptance. At first, the service was popular mainly in Sweden and Finland, but since then the demand for it has grown to cover many other countries across Europe. Today, Zimpler is known not only as an easy and fast, but also a reliable payment method. Of course, trust is first and foremost the fact that it is a licensed payment institution that is supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, or Finansinspektionen.

    Mitä ovat tämän hetken parhaat Zimpler Kasinot?

    What are the best Zimpler Casinos at the moment?

    zimpler casino

    The number of Zimpler casinos has increased dramatically. Currently, a clear majority  of new online casinos  can already be classified as Zimpler casinos, which means that those who prefer this payment method will not have a hard time finding good options for playing.

    If you are already used to playing on a certain casino site, there is no need to switch to another one just because its selection of payment methods does not meet your needs well enough. Many online casinos that have been operating for a long time have been excited to include Zimpler in their selection. You can usually check the matter directly on the website, as many casinos list the offered payment methods right on their home page. Otherwise, you can also quickly get information from the casino’s customer service about whether you can pay via Zimpler on the site or not.

    As the casino world is currently experiencing a real breakout season, more and more attractive online casinos are appearing on the market. Therefore, it may very well be that the best Zimpler Casinos of the moment may have new challengers in a month. However, if you want to make sure that the Zimpler casino you are interested in is among the best on the market, we recommend going through the list of the best casinos and getting to know them in more detail. Casino reviews can also give you an indication of which sites are of the highest quality and most entertaining.

    Zimpler maksuvaihtoehtona nettikasinoilla

    Zimpler as a payment option at online casinos

    Just a few years ago, online casino players made deposits to their gaming accounts mostly via credit card or in some cases also via bank transfers. However, this was considered a cumbersome and risky option, as the player had to enter their payment card details and other sensitive information into the site. In addition, paying by card was associated with the slowness of money transfers — at worst, it could take hours for the money to be transferred to the casino, and you could have to wait a week for the money to go home.

    Zimpler has been warmly received as a payment option by casino players. Although the new payment methods often arouse doubts, at least at the beginning, they have dissipated very quickly in the case of Zimpler. Zimpler Casinos are considered a modern option that meets the needs of today’s players. The ease and speed of payment are Zimpler’s trump cards, which are highly valued by many players. The payment method in question has received a lot of praise from the players.

    zimpler casino

    Kuinka Zimpler-tili rekisteröidään kasinolla pelaamista varten?

    How to register a Zimpler account to play at the casino?

    Even if you are already used to handling casino payments with a credit card or bank transfer, switching to another payment method can come into question for many reasons. Many people who enjoy casino games wish that playing would be anonymous, so that there is no clear indication of the recipient of the money or the origin of the money in the bank’s account information from each deposit. For example, when transferring money through Zimpler, only Zimpler is marked as the counterparty, which does not reveal information related to unnecessary use of money to outside parties.

    The threshold to become a user of a new payment method can understandably seem high, but in the end it is a matter that can be handled in a couple of minutes. Once your own Zimpler account has been created, money transfers will be handled much faster in the future. Please note that if you have activated Zimpler at a casino site, you can use it in the same way at any other Zimpler casino.

    How Zimpler account

    Zimpler Account Registration – 3 Steps

    Registering as a Zimpler user is a snap and can be done either on your computer or on your mobile. There are a few simple steps you can take to sign up, after which you can enjoy the ease of payment. Below you will find easy instructions for registering a Zimpler account.


    Step 1: Open Zimpler’s official home page either in a web browser or through a mobile app. Once you have arrived at the service, you will find very clear instructions for the next steps. First of all, the user will be asked to enter their own phone number for the verification code.


    Step 2: After entering the verification code you received via SMS, the service will automatically create a new user account for you.


    Step 3: Once you have logged in to the service, you will need to enter your debit card information. This activates the liquidity, after which you can confirm them with SMS codes in the future.

    Kuinka Zimpleriä käytetään nettikasinolla?

    How to use Zimpler in an online casino?

    Good news: If you’ve decided to transfer money at an online casino using Zimpler, you can do it quickly and without much fuss! All you need to pay with Zimpler is a phone and sufficient funds in the account. Below you can check very clear and concrete instructions for money transfers at the casino.

    Zimpler Deposit

    Kuinka tallettaa rahaa Zimpler-kasinolle?

    How to deposit money to Zimpler casino?


    Log in with your phone
    Enter your phone number and the security code you will receive by text message. An account will be automatically created for you.


    litse payment method
    Zimpler allows different charging methods depending on the country and the casino. You can choose from them as you like!


    Confirm the payment method
    Once the payment is confirmed, your new Zimpler account is immediately active and the deposit can be made immediately. The next time you make a payment, you can enter your phone number again, and a new security code will be sent to you. The user’s phone number is stored in Zimpler’s system, so there is no need to create a new account, even if the casino site changes to another.


    Confirm payment
    Confirm your payment with bank credentials. After this, the deposited money will immediately appear in your balance.

    Kuinka kotiuttaa rahaa Zimpler-kasinolta?

    How to withdraw money from Zimpler casino?


    Start a withdrawal request
    Go to the payment page to make a withdrawal or press the withdrawal button, if one is available as a shortcut on the front page.


    Choosing a payment method
    Select Zimpler from among the options at checkout.


    Account information
    If you are an existing user, the money will be automatically transferred to the bank account you last used. If, on the other hand, you are a new user, you must select your bank and bank account in order to withdraw money.


    Receiving the money
    The money appears in your bank account five minutes after the casino has accepted your withdrawal request.

    Zimplerin käyttökulut nettikasinolla

    Zimpler usage costs at the online casino

    There are no fees for using Zimpler when making deposits and withdrawals at the online casino, which is definitely one of the best aspects of this payment method. The free and easy service are undoubtedly the biggest reasons why Zimpler Casinos have become so popular recently.

    Although using Zimpler itself is completely free, some casino sites may charge their own fees for certain payment methods. To be sure, we recommend checking directly with the casino to avoid unpleasant surprises. In most cases, information about possible additional charges related to money transfers can be found on the casino’s page dealing with payment methods.

    Zimpler as a payment method in casinos

    Zimpler nettikasinon maksumenetelmänä: Plussat ja miinukset

    Zimpler as an online casino payment method: Pros and cons

    Online casinos often offer many different options for making payments. It is up to the player to compare the payment methods and decide which of them suits their purposes best. All payment methods have both good and bad sides, which we will now examine in more detail in the case of Zimpler.



    • Erittäin turvallinen (viranomaisten hyväksymä)
    • Nopea ja helppokäyttöinen
    • Nopea rekisteröinti
    • Mahdollistaa anonyymit talletukset
    • Mahdollisuus asettaa käyttöraja
    • Mobiilikäyttöliittymä


    • Maksukortit on lisättävä manuaalisesti
    • Mahdollisia pieniä kuluja
    • Maantieteelliset käyttörajoitukset

    Advantages of Zimpler Casino

    More and more casino players are specifically looking for an online casino that offers Zimpler as a payment method. There can be many different reasons for this, but the most common reason for selection is one of the following:

    • Safety:  One of the best things about Zimpler is that the company always puts the safety of its customers first. It is clear that the aim is to make the customers feel as satisfied and safe as possible by all possible means. When you transfer money through Zimpler at an online casino, the customer’s information is never shared with third parties. This is ensured by the strict supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanspektion), which also regulates the operations of all Swedish banks. This is supported by the high-quality 256-bit encryption used in the service for all money transfers.
    • Easy user interface:  In addition to Zimpler guaranteeing absolute security and anonymity, using it is intuitive and effortless. Online casinos often emphasize the need for fast money transfers, which Zimpler fulfills brilliantly.
    • Excellent customer service:  Zimpler was developed primarily with the needs of casino players in mind. In addition to the fact that Zimpler casino offers customer support, you can also get help from Zimpler itself if necessary. Many players have expressed their satisfaction with the fact that when using this payment method, they never have to rely entirely on their own luck, even in the event that something goes wrong.
    • Ability to regulate funds:  When talking about casino gaming, it is also a welcome feature that players can manage their own funds in the service. Customers who need more detailed control can contact Zimpler’s customer support by email and request that a monthly usage limit be set for the account. Zimpler blocking is a smart way to ensure that playing stays in controlled proportions.
    • Mobile-friendliness:  Mobile casinos have become more common at a breakneck speed. Zimpler’s mobile-optimized user interface is a big advantage, which allows players to transfer money easily with a smartphone or tablet, after which they can start playing right away.

    Cons of Zimpler Casinos

    Actually, there are no downsides, because the diverse range of payment methods at the online casino is only a positive thing. Zimpler may not be found in the selection of every casino website, so if you want to use it specifically to make payments, you have to check it in advance.

    Suurimpia esteitä Zimplerin käytön suhteen ovat maantieteelliset rajoitukset, sillä palvelu on ensisijaisesti suunnattu pohjoismaalaisille käyttäjille. Lisäksi palvelun käyttöönotto edellyttää maksukortin tietojen syöttämistä. Vaikka tätä vaaditaan ainoastaan rekisteröitymisen yhteydessä, voi se tuntua hankalalta. Kolmas huomioitava seikka on se, että vaikka Zimpler itsessään ilmoittaa palvelunsa olevan käyttäjille täysin maksuton, ei se voi puhua kuin omasta puolestaan. Joillain kasinoilla saatetaankin periä pieniä kuluja Zimplerin käytöstä siirrettävästä rahasummasta riippuen.

    Bonukset Zimpler-kasinoilla

    Bonukset Zimpler-kasinoilla

    Bonukset ovat loistava tapa polkaista pelaaminen kunnolla käyntiin kasinolla. Lähes kaikki nettikasinot ovat havainneet bonusten valtavan merkityksen, jonka seurauksena niitä voikin bongailla tätä nykyä melkeinpä kaikilta nettikasinoilta, eivätkä Zimpler Casinot ole tässä suhteessa mikään poikkeus!

    Kun pelaaja tekee talletuksen Zimpler-kasinolle, saattaa luvassa hyvinkin olla mahdollisuus erilaisiin kasinobonuksiin. Useimmat uudet Zimpler Casinot tarjoavat nimittäin kampanjoita, joiden myötä pelaajia palkitaan esimerkiksi rekisteröitymisestä, talletuksen tekemisestä tai muuten vaan. Tervetuliaisbonus lukeutuu tätä nykyä melkeinpä jokaisen nettikasinon bonustarjontaan, joten etenkin uusien pelaajien on syytä olla valppaana ja käyttää se hyödyksi, mikäli siihen tarjoutuu tilaisuus.

    Tervetuliaisbonus on vain yksi esimerkki bonuksista, joita Zimpler Kasinot tarjoavat. Myös muun muassa seuraavat bonustyypit ovat Zimpler-kasinoilla tuttu näky:

    Kannattaa kuitenkin huomioida, että vaikka kyseessä olisikin Zimpler-kasino, eivät kasinobonukset ole yleensä sidottuja sivustolla valittavaan maksutapaan. Useimmiten bonukset tarjotaan yleisesti kaikille sivuston käyttäjille sen sijaan, että kyseessä olisi Zimpler-käyttäjille suunnattu erikoisetu. Yleisesti ottaen voidaan kuitenkin todeta, että mikäli kasino tarjoaa Zimplerin maksuvaihtoehtojensa joukossa, on sillä hyvin korkealla todennäköisyydellä tarjota myös mielenkiintoisia bonuksia.

    Rahansiirtojen nopeudet Zimpler-kasinoilla

    Rahansiirtojen nopeudet Zimpler-kasinoilla

    Zimpler tunnetaan kasinomaailmassa hyvänä vaihtoehtona silloin kun rahaa haluaa siirtää tehokkaasti ja ripeästi kasinolle ja sieltä jälleen omalle tililleen. Ei ole vielä kauaakaan siitä kun nettikasinolla rahansiirtoihin liittyi aina jonkinpituinen viive. Nykyään lähes jokainen nettikasino lupaa talletusten tapahtuvan välittömästi, mutta etenkin kotiutusaikojen suhteen eroa eri maksutapojen välillä voi olla paljonkin. Vielä tänäkin päivänä kotiuttaminen osalla kasinoilla tarjottavista maksutavoista, kuten Visalla ja MasterCardilla, voi pahimmillaan kestää jopa yli viikon.

    Zimplerillä rahat siirtyvät jopa alle minuutissa

    It should be noted that usually the speed of the money transfer does not depend on the casino site itself, as the vast majority of online casinos process the withdrawal request within a day. However, depending on the payment method, it may take time for the money to move forward from the next step. However, when the player completes a withdrawal with Zimpler, this problem does not have to bother him. Zimpler casinos almost without exception state that the money is completely transferred from the casino to the player’s hands in less than a minute, and in special cases in a couple of days at the most.

    Minimi- ja maksimirajat Zimpler-siirroissa

    Minimi- ja maksimirajat Zimpler-siirroissa

    Many casino players are interested in knowing whether there are maximum or minimum restrictions on deposits and withdrawals when Zimpler is selected as the payment method. However, there is no need to worry about this, at least in terms of the payment method, because Zimpler itself enables money transfers of even a few tens of cents.

    Although the use of Zimpler is not really restricted, it does not mean that the casino can deposit or withdraw any amount. As is usually the practice of online casinos, Zimpler online casinos have also set certain limits regarding the payments made on the site.

    Depositing at the casino

    A very typical minimum deposit on casino sites favored by Finns is either €10 or €20, which the player must deposit at least once into his game account. In terms of maximum deposits, the scale is much wider, but many casinos allow one-time deposits of up to thousands or tens of thousands of euros. If large deposits are made several times, most responsible online casinos will at some point require additional explanations or stronger identification from the player.

    Withdrawal from the casino

    In terms of withdrawals, the minimum limit is almost never defined, because the money in the casino’s game balance is the player’s property and he can therefore withdraw it whenever he wants. The same also applies to the maximum withdrawal amounts, although for very large sums, you must be prepared for the fact that the processing of the withdrawal request may take longer.

    Muut Zimplerin kaltaiset maksumenetelmät

    Other payment methods similar to Zimpler

    The greater the demand for easy, fast and reliable money transfer methods grows, the more frantically the market strives to create new options for users. Although Zimpler is currently one of the most popular payment methods in online casinos among Finns, it is by no means the only option. Many online casinos popular with Finnish players accept most of the following money transfer methods:

    visa casino


    mastercard kasinot


    neteller logo


    Mastercardia vastaavat maksutavat


    Ecopayz kasinot


    Instead of paying with a card or an electronic wallet, however, more and more end up choosing Zimpler or another payment method where identification or confirmation can be done via mobile or online banking credentials. The following  payment methods  resemble Zimpler in some respects, so they may also come into question when looking for such a method.

    Slot games at Zimpler casino

    Neteller Casino

    Neteller on laajalti kasinoilla käytössä oleva maksutapa, joka on ollut suosittu jo vuosikausien ajan. Käyttäjä voi lisätä Neteller-tililleen rahaa luotto- tai pankkikorttia käyttämällä tai tilisiirrolla. Tilin saldosta voi siirtää rahaa nettikasinolle tarpeen mukaan. Kyseessä on niin kutsuttu elektroninen lompakko, jonka tilitiedot ja tapahtumahistorian voi tarkistaa näppärästi mistä käsin ja milloin tahansa Netellerin sivuston kautta. Netellerin käyttö nettikasinoilla on useimmiten maksutonta, mutta joillain kasinoilla sen kautta kotiuttamisesta saatetaan veloittaa lisäkuluja.

    Trustly Kasinot

    Trustly on räjähdysmäisen nopeasti yleistynyt elektroninen maksumenetelmä, joka tuntuu olevan etenkin suomalaisten, ruotsalaisten, virolaisten ja tanskalaisten kasinopelaajien suosiossa. Hiljalleen sen maine on kiirinyt myös muualla Euroopassa, joka alkaa näkyä myös kasinoiden tarjonnassa. Trustly mahdollistaa pelaajille nopeat ja turvalliset talletukset ja nostot ilman lisäkuluja. Kannattaa kuitenkin huomioida, että Trustlyn käyttö edellyttää verkkopankkitunnistautumista.

    Trustly on tullut etenkin kuluneen vuoden aikana tutuksi nimeksi kasinopiireissä. Kasinomarkkinoilta löytyy nimittäin jo runsaasti pelisivustoja, jotka ovat korvanneet perinteisen rekisteröitymislomakkeen Trustlyllä, jolloin pelaaja pääsee suoraan pelaamaan kasinopelejä tunnistautumisen suoritettuaan.

    Turvallisuus Zimpler-kasinoilla

    Turvallisuus Zimpler-kasinoilla

    Zimplerin maksumenetelmänä tarjoavia nettikasinoita voidaan yleisesti ottaen pitää turvallisina pelipaikkoina. Yksinomaan Zimplerin olemassaoloa ei kuitenkaan kannata pitää luotettavuuden takeena, vaan ennen sivustolle liittymistä ja tallettamista on aina fiksua tutustua kasinosta kirjoitettuihin arvosteluihin ja tutustua kasinon toimintaan yleisellä tasolla.

    Mikäli online-kasino itsessään on hyväksi ja luotettavaksi havaittu, ei Zimplerin käytön suhteen tarvitse olla huolissaan. Zimpler on todella turvallinen keino siirtää rahaa puolin ja toisin, sillä se tarjoaa kaikki samat suojakerrokset kuin mikä tahansa pankki tai muu luotettava maksupalveluntarjoaja. Niihin sisältyvät niin turvalliset yhteydet, salaus kuin henkilötietojen turvallinen säilytys.

    Turvallisen kasinon tunnusmerkit

    Oli kyseessä Zimpler Casino tai mikä tahansa muu kasinosivusto, voi nettikasinon turvallisuudesta ja luotettavuudesta päätellä paljonkin kiinnittämällä huomiota muutamaan erityisen tärkeään seikkaan. Missään tilanteessa ei ole järkevää ryhtyä pelaamaan sivustolla, joka ei täytä turvallisen kasinon tunnusmerkkejä. Nettikasinomarkkinat ovat täynnä hyviä vaihtoehtoja, joten kenenkään ei tarvitse tyytyä kehnoon sivustoon siksi, ettei valinnanvaraa ole tarpeeksi.

    Jos kasinon luotettavuuden tarkistaminen tuntuu hankalalta, voit lukea läpi seuraavaksi esiteltävät turvallisen kasinon tunnusmerkit.

    Asiantunteva asiakastuki

    When a player has a question or something to say about games, money transfers or any kind of casino gaming, high-quality customer support is of paramount importance. At a reliable casino, customer service is often available around the clock, and in the best case, even in Finnish.

    Reputable Game License

    It is extremely important that the casino has a reliable gaming license. This is usually granted by an authority respected in casino circles, the most common example of which is the Malta Gaming Authority, which grants gaming licenses in Malta. The casino’s license information can usually be found right at the bottom of the homepage. If you can’t find a license or its origin seems vague, it might be smarter to stay away from the casino.

    Reliable payment methods

    Zimpler casinos can typically be considered reliable already because it is possible to make payments on the site via Zimpler. The scope of the spectrum of payment methods does not necessarily say anything about whether the online casino is reliable or not. It is more important to pay attention to whether the casino site offers reputable and stable payment methods for players to use.

    Quality games

    When the site offers plenty of games from different game providers, it guarantees entertaining moments with casino games. The casino’s profile will also be raised if the game selection includes the best-known and most trusted game providers in the field. Among others, Microgaming and Netent are known in casino circles for their reliability and high quality, and you certainly wouldn’t find them in the game selection of an online casino with a questionable reputation.

    Casino reviews

    When reading online casino reviews, you can get to know the honest opinions of users who have already familiarized themselves with the casino. If an online casino receives praise and high ratings from users time and time again, it says a lot about the level and quality of the site. It is also good to take a look at the dates of the casino reviews and make sure that the level of the site has remained approximately the same until today.



    Zimpler Casinos are at the latest making a breakthrough in the casino world. The time of slow and complicated deposits and withdrawals at online casinos is unhelpfully history, and now online casinos are taking up space, where payments can be made with fast and reliable money transfer services like Zimpler. If you are a Finnish casino player and using a mobile device does not cause problems, a Zimpler online casino may well be a suitable option for you.

    Muut maksutavat

    Other payment methods



    Bitcoin kasinot


    Visaa vastaavat maksutavat


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